September 18, 2012


Started out the day thumbing through my blog dashboard when a news feed caught my eye. It was titled 6 Things Freelancer Writers and Bloggers Can Learn From Rappers! Ofcourse I had to go read it. I thought the Author made several good points. Freelancers could benefit from reading it.

Now on a different note I did want to mention I did take some time to read the post by Jaime over at See Jaime Blog titled  25 Prayers for My Husband. This prayer list is one I will be referring to often. Another great resource and book I have read regarding praying for our husbands is the book called The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian. Having several good resources on hand can really help.

So, while I was making breakfast this morning I couldn’t help but think about the latest blog post by Tricia Goyer. She really makes you think about people you may have turned your back on. It’s a quick read. Go check it out If Jesus Loved Everyone, I Should Too.

Great stuff today. Hope you find this blog post helpful!

Have you read this post yet? It’s awesome: Home school lessons from a big rig

September 10, 2012


I love to start my Saturday by relaxing and reading tweets. I especially love it when someone tweets a hilarious tweet such as Dee @wishfulme retweeted a tweet about a sweet elderly couple learning how to use their webcam. I was rolling on the floor. My kids thought I was nuts.

The  @homeschoolclub tweeted about Seth Godins blog post about education and our kids:

Large-scale education was never about teaching kids or creating scholars. It was invented to churn out adults who worked well within the system. Click here to read more.

My next stop was over at See Jaime Blog. Her latest blog post was titled Weekend Inspiration Around the Web. I must admit the first thing I noticed on her blog post was not her fancy coffe mug but the book underneath it-The Best Devotions of Sheila Walsh. I absolutely love Sheila Walsh.  Hope I get to see her at a Women of Faith Conference soon!

Jaimes blog is a great one to follow. I especially enjoyed the inspiration links she shared at the end of her post. I took some time to read one of the links called Homeschool Blindspots. I thought it was very interesting. It’s a long read. You may want to set aside about fifteen minutes of uninterupted time.

I will be ending the night by reading another one of Jaimes posts called: 25 prayers for my husband.

Who knows maybe I will blog about that one too.

December 16, 2011


Nice Peterbilt

I was listening to the NPR station All Things Considered the other day when I heard this homeschool story.  I thought it was a very different, unique homeschooling story and very inspiring to say the least. I would have to say it is definetly worth sharing.  I just love homeschool success stories! They inspire me and encourage me. I’m sure I’m not the only  homeschooling mom who could use a little encouragement now and then.

Head on over to the NPR website and have a listen. You can listen to this homeschoolers success story or read the transcript homeschooling student recieves scholarship to harvard.

In a nutshell the cohost Michael Norris on NPR All Things Considered conducted a very informative interview with Kerry Anderson who was homeschooled in her moms big rig right there in the cab. She continued on to a community college, then was recruited into Harvard.

Kerry has recently graduated from Harvard and is currently studying for the LSAT then headed to law school.

This is the 2nd success story this week about homeschoolers going to Harvard that I have posted.

I’m sure this homeschooler  had goals that had to be reached. Congrats to her for her accomplishments!

I am beginning to think Harvard likes homeschooled graduates. What do you think?

What to read next??  How about Goals for Kids  :)
Creative Commons License photo credit: Nevada Tumbleweed

September 15, 2011


Ran across this awesome article today by Alicia Bayer.  I Just had to share. I’m sure homeschooling parents experience this at least once with one of their children :) Enjoy!

So you’ve decided to homeschool. You’ve convinced your spouse, you’ve done your research, you’ve planned your schedule… and your child announces that she’s heartbroken that she’s not going to school this fall.

This is actually a fairly common scenario for homeschoolers with young children. Part of the reason is that the media is filled with back-to-school talk this time of year. Part is often that young children see their playmates going off to school. Television shows like Arthur and many picture books also do a good job of “selling” kindergarten to young kids Continue reading on

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